3:30 pm15:30

Walking as Drawing Workshop

We will explore the use of digital tools such as GPS to track physical movement through urban spaces. After a brief introduction, participants will be invited to take a walk through the neighborhood to create a collective drawing. When we return to the library we will compile our walks into a digital image, and discuss the experience of exploring the neighborhood via GPS. For examples of past versions of this project visit: http://www.billyfriebele.com/WalkingasDrawing.html

7:00 pm19:00

Artist Talk, Tenley-Friends Library

Freespace Collective, Billy Friebele and Mike Iacovone, will discuss the evolution of their collaborative approach to art production, which often includes input from the viewing public. Recent projects include an interactive photographic archive of the city; a robotic sound machine that reacts to the position of the viewer, and a three-dimensional map of Arlington, VA with projected walks by the artists and public. 

The talk will include video and images of their work as well as an invitation to participate in a unique walking workshop that will take place at the Tenley-Friendship Library.